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To initiate a real female reset on this planet, a deeper understanding of all the powers hidden in sexual energy is definitely needed. If we don’t heal our traumas first, there will not be a reset – there will only be the repetition of the old patterns and old attitudes in a new outfit.

Sexual perversion is the real pandemic and has a major impact on how things are evolving on our planet. People neither realize nor know about this because they have never reflected on the idea that our sexual behavior and the reality in which we all live could be interconnected. People are only concerned with getting their own personal sexual desires fulfilled. As long as sex is lived in an immature, selfish, insensitive – and too often abusive –way, nothing new will be possible.

To initiate a real reset on this planet, a deeper understanding of all the powers hidden in sexual energy is definitely needed. If we don’t heal our traumas first, there will not be a reset – there will only be the repetition of the old patterns and old attitudes in a new outfit.

Only a few people are initiated into the mysteries of sexuality. Most people have not received a profound education on how to deal with sex. The majority get their sexual education from the internet, from watching pornography, You Tube tutorials, books, and other questionable resources. It is all about having better, even more exciting, sex. Most offers are not addressed to seekers and students; they are reaching out to consumers. This is a big difference. Instead of getting a deeper understanding of all the different aspects of their sexual energy, people are pushed and seduced to consume or enhance sex in most peculiar ways.

The Feminine Mystery work, which you will be introduced to in our school is the basis of your female reset. This is a reset that builds on a healed, natural, and joyful sexuality and a freed spirituality – and it’s not just for women. Diving into the Mysteries to explore the hidden power of sexuality will give you a different perspective and a deeper understanding. Dealing with sexuality in a new way opens up the inner channels and brings seekers into contact with their psychic powers. That’s why the secrets of sexual healing are hidden from the crowd. To maintain the old political and religious power structures on this planet, our religious and political leaders have deceived all of us and kept us away from the treasures and secrets of life. As long as sexuality remains unconscious, people are easily manipulated and controlled.

In a very limited way schools now are offering sexual education; this is at least a beginning. But we need to be careful that this does not turn into another direction. The United Nations is recommending (you can look this up on their website) that children as young as five receive mandatory sexual education. They want to teach pre-kindergartners about masturbation and topics such as gender violence. But the idea behind teaching children at that early age to masturbate comes from the brain of the constantly growing community of pedophiles. It is all about traumatizing children and fulfilling the desires and agendas of some perverts and is not for the benefit and growth of children and humanity.

We need to stay alert and to keep an eye on all the gender propaganda taking place right now. There is a vicious agenda behind all that, but it is covered up so nicely that people are being groomed by it and believe the deception and illusions they are fed. Equalizing the sexes is another attempt to deny women’s nature and to make sure we do not unfold our wisdom and power.

Perverts are using every chance and each catastrophe or pandemic to separate young children from their parents and to put them into institutions or elsewhere. Worldwide every day too many children disappear and are abused, sold, and killed. You can do your own research, so you know I am not just making this up. Especially since women have been wounded and repressed for so long, many are afraid to face reality and to take action. There is such a need for all women to learn feminine self-healing and meditation properly, so we can empower ourselves and take on our responsibility to make this reset a liberating and renewing process that will lead us into a new beginning ruled by wisdom and care .

Children should have a holistic sexual education where they learn practical emotional self-healing and meditation as well as the signs of sexual grooming and manipulation, and where they later on are initiated into the Mysteries. This is, as you will see in this work, all part of feminine healing. The feminine, when consciously healed and liberated, is so powerful and it will unfold the psychic abilities, which are so desperately needed to find our way out of this confusing jungle. To prevent this, the feminine has been cut out of our lives and neglected for millennia. Instead of learning healing ways, we have continued to be wounded and threatened. Dealing with the coronavirus, it was very obvious that this is still the way things are being done. Personal traumas and emotional wounds are the base of an underdeveloped and perverted sexuality. Many of the victims of abuse or perpetrators later on will pass their traumas on to other children. We need to break those patterns and heal all those wounds to move on as individuals and as humanity. These patterns have been repeated for far too long. Traumas, emotional wounds, and rigid mindsets prevent sexual energy from flowing naturally and helping us humans to evolve.

Traumatized people are stuck in their personality patterns, which often lead them into severe personality disorders, like sociopathy, narcissism, and many others. And people with this kind of mentality are ruling the world. It is time for a change and a real reset that builds on emotional healing and sexual liberation.

The mysteries of sex teach us about the hidden power of sexual energy and about ways to handle that magical power with love and wisdom, bringing forth our sexual intelligence and unfolding our true potential. Instead, today sexuality is used mostly to temporarily release neuroses, stress, traumas and repressed emotions or to increase one’s self-esteem. That’s why there is so much toxic behavior, abuse, and crime happening in connection with sex.

Our sexual energy is the power of creation, which is given to every human being as one of the greatest gifts. This magical tool is not just capable of the reproduction of our species, it is also responsible for the development and the consciousness of humanity. Our religions have managed to entangle and enslave our sexual power in so many emotions and rules, cutting us off from the spiritual source. In such a state of imprisonment we have no chance to unfold our true potential.

Many people act out their sexuality in a miserly and unconscious manner. In fact, if you take a closer look, the kind of fantasies and actions people need just to have some moments of pleasure are quite embarrassing. Many women are not aware of this and they do not want to know about it. Having worked as a medical sexologist, I had to face that reality to be able to deal with my patients and I had to find healing ways that worked. From this experience I am quite familiar with all kinds of violent and destructive sexual patterns and behaviors.

Every sexual act, whether it happens in fantasy or in real life, leaves behind traces. The reality we are all living in is continuously created by us all in the way we handle our sexuality. Repressing our sexuality also has an effect. We are all participating in and mutually creating our reality, consciously or not.

Most people don’t even consider that there is a sexual intelligence or a sexual consciousness or that sex can be used as a healing and magical tool. If you do not have a sexual consciousness, you do not realize how unconscious and destructive – and often even illegal – your sexual behavior is and what effect it has on a personal and global level. Sexually traumatized people often dissociate and disconnect from their sexuality, so they are not really aware of what they are doing and causing. This is not an excuse, just an explanation.

Because so many people are stuck in an unconscious state, hard core porn and sex trafficking and abuse are spreading all over the globe. Violent sex or sex with children is considered as the new (ab) normal in many brains. When so many others are doing the same, you have the impression that all is ok. But it absolutely is not. We all can do much better than that. And we need to wake up from this global nightmare.

The fact is that we are ruled by a bunch of traumatized, emotionally underdeveloped, sexually perverted leaders is not an excuse for us to avoid healing and liberating ourselves. If you and I do not focus on that, who will?

It is a pity that most of our politicians and religious leaders are caught in their groups and brotherhoods and have no free will. They have often been brutally manipulated and threatened by those vicious power structures, to break their wills and force them to obey, to serve, and fulfill the group’s agenda. Of course, all their doings are top secret, and it is a matter of honor not to go public. Out of fear, hardly anybody speaks up. That’s why all the corruption and deception have gone on and on – over centuries. More and more people are bribable and join to support the attempt to take over the planet by pushing a new world order (NWO) on us. Many of our leaders talk about this and are helping to push this agenda. As individuals they are all too weak and too traumatized to step out and become truthful and liberated. But we can!

In recent years many women have gathered their courage and stood up against sexual violence and the injustice to which too many women and children are still exposed. It is important to address these global problems at their roots. Through my longtime work in psychiatry and my work as a sexual consultant over forty-five years, I have dealt with sexual harassment and abuse. What many people do not know is that for many years I worked predominantly with men. They came to see me to find new ways of dealing with their sexual problems and difficulties. As a medical sexologist, in addition to my traditional training, I also specialized in the oriental techniques of healing love. Because at that time I was the only one covering both, men from all over came to me for consultations. As a result I am very familiar with the fears and hardships of men,

There are woman who are aware of this because they have been involved in abusive sex. But many women have no idea about this secret hidden world of sexual perversion. I know couples who are involved in Tantra and the women think that they are with the purest and kindest men ever. But practicing Tantra for some men can just be a way to cover up or escape their hidden fantasies. Tantra cannot solve these deep problems, which need to be handled in a more precise way.

Doing this work with men, I realized the necessity of developing liberation and healing programs for women, because women play a major role in the sexual healing of men. Women carry within them the key for global sexual healing. Each man has a mother who carried him in her womb for nine months and imprinted his being at the deepest levels. Above all, if the mother had not really liberated and healed her own femininity, her suppressed feelings and undigested emotions passed on to her son all the destructive, collective patterns of sexuality during his embryonic phase.

If a woman is not healed and liberated, she will carry the memories and images of sexual violence and perversion and will unknowingly plant them into her unborn child. We are all born with this toxic seed. It is up to us to nourish it or to neutralize it. This is what sexual education is all about, to initiate humans into the art of healing love and to teach them to deal with this magical power in a creative way, to renew and enrich our humanity. Women have the potential to break the evil and power-oriented society that has been established over millennia. Many women are not aware that this is happening because abusive, toxic sex is practiced mostly in hidden places, behind locked doors all over the globe. Not seeing it does not mean that it does not exist.

The sexual pandemic, which toxifies people at large with such selfish, destructive, and violent sexual behavior, is much worse than a pandemic caused by physical viruses. A sexual pandemic enters people’s brains and hearts, killing their empathy and feelings, their spiritual longing, and the will to liberate themselves from all that. Emotionally undeveloped people get hooked on the intensity of those heavy, dark emotions, which are created by abusive and perverted sex. This strengthens their egoism and nourishes their greed and the hunger to be powerful and mighty. Male sexuality has become so weak, miserly, perverted, and out of control that there is an increasing number of men and women who are abusing and torturing children and women to make themselves feel sexually aroused, powerful, and almighty. Unfortunately this is the case !!!!!50 Shades of Gray . It is so easy to put images into people’s heads if they are unconscious of their sexuality. That’s how people are manipulated into remaining ignorant and dull.

If women now stand up in hate against the violence and injustice done to them, looking for revanche, that makes no difference. Because that kind of reaction uses the same kind of energy. It will not change the situation but will even strengthen those destructive patterns even more. Neither does it help much if women bathe in the spotlight on talk shows and social media blame men for their misery.

Changing sexual patterns requires a new spiritual feminism coming through a grounded, individual, inner liberation – a female reset. We do not focus on the question “Who is guilty?” but rather we support that process of awakening in a most creative, joyful, and healing way.

Men are also needed to take part in this very important process of liberating our spirituality, emotions, and sexuality, working in unity to unfold the tremendous potential humans carry within. As long as sexuality is led by our unconsciousness, it just multiplies all the images stored in the collective where there is so much violence and pain. Instead of clearing out those old memories and bringing sexuality to a new level, people have learned to tap into the collective traumas and emotional places where they are sexually stimulated by those toxic energies. This nourishes people’s egos and personalities and is not the path into a new divine consciousness; rather, it prevents it

The world is going through a huge change right now. Everyone can see that. There are individuals, men and women, focused on their sexual liberation. Each individual effort counts. To liberate sexuality from unconscious emotions and images, it is necessary to liberate true spirituality from its millennia-long suppression, slavery, and bondage. Authentic spirituality can show us the way into a new consciousness and the way to handle sexuality. But don’t get me wrong – sexual liberation does not mean to act out all your unprocessed neurosis and imprinted fantasies. It also does not mean a free ticket for pedophiles. It means to heal your emotional traumas and liberate your sexuality from all those images, fantasies, and fixed ideas, so that sexuality finds its natural flow. This power is needed for your spiritual liberation.

I am very confident. The seed for a new, healing sexuality has already been planted. The femininity is growing constantly and strengthening itself in secrecy. It has already become so strong that its development can no longer be prohibited. It just needs more time until the new healing and joyful femininity manifests on earth.

This is very promising because our world urgently needs a new femininity now. But it is so new that no one knows it. Be open and allow yourself to be surprised. Be aware that the unknown mystic femininity will only show up if it receives a binding and serious invitation from you. The more people welcome her fully into their hearts and let themselves be transformed and embraced by her, the more powerfully the new feminine age can manifest itself.

Let’s get ready for that big, transforming female reset as liberated and free people, so we will be guided into a new dimension. All the new, mind-blowing technologies that are gradually revealed to us need to be handled by mature, wise, and emotionally fit people who are in contact with their spiritual selves and have developed their sexual wisdom. A new femininity is needed to end this dark, abusive time of deception and corruption that has blocked our spiritual development for so long. A new femininity will launch the great female reset, which will allow us to manifest our true values ​​and lead us into an authentic and joyful spirituality.

Don’t waste your time. Nothing is more important now than preparing yourself for this enormous adventure. You are so important, and your input is needed.

The Female Reset wants to inspire you to gain a deeper understanding of femininity, which will enable you to start your own female reset, the basis for a new humanity. The Female Reset is an invitation to go deeper and to go on a deep quest.

Also, if you might have already been involved in spirituality and therapy for a long time, give yourself the chance to look at your “new patterns” and to dissolve all of your “new beliefs.” Be aware that therapies, new age programs, and even spirituality have also been used to lead people in the wrong direction. Since most people are easy to manipulate and bribe with money, recognition, or sex, they just accept cozy fake ways and methods instead of searching for the truth. Authentic spirituality needs to be freed from any tradition or belief and from traumas and repressed sexuality. It needs an open, unlimited space to unfold. Preparing you for this big adventure is the intention of the book Female Reset which will provide you with the necessary background information. Soon it will be available here on this website as a free download.

I would like to inspire you to explore the mysteries of femininity to get a deeper understanding of feminine healing and spirituality. Mystery work is spiritual learning and a deprogramming process, not a business concept. It is aligned to the universal principles, and it is addressed to rebels and seekers. To go on a journey of self-healing, you need to install the healing tools and some safety measures, step by step, to avoid getting lost along your way. When you are well prepared and equipped, your sexual healing and spiritual liberation will be a joyful and empowering journey.

Enjoy the ride!


3rd octobre 2021

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